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In the era of Industry 4.0, data is often considered the new oil: a resource that can be collected and refined to produce incredible value. The comparison is appropriate, as organizations can use IoT data to make informed decisions, avoid unplanned downtime, and increase their efficiency—ultimately saving time and money. Companies that aren’t collecting the data they generate every day are missing out on major opportunities to improve their operations.

Most companies know they could benefit from better data—the problem is where to begin. One ControlByWeb® customer offers a solution tailored to fit and quick to integrate. Industry Corps is the premier company providing full-lifecycle industrial I/O solutions. They offer expert consulting and the right equipment that manufacturers need to gather quality data, plus the software engineering services to integrate the data with existing systems or stand up new applications. Together with Industry Corps, industrial firms can take major steps to harnessing data without getting lost in protocols and technical jargon.

The Industry Corps Pulse Monitor, or ICPM. Case is open, revealing internal components, including a ControlByWeb X-600M and expansion modules.
The Industry Corps Pulse Monitor, or ICPM, is an all-in-one IoT solution in a box. The pictured ICPM includes a ControlByWeb X-600M™ and expansion modules.

Nick Dedekian founded Industry Corps to provide practical Industry 4.0 solutions that are accessible to manufacturers. Most organizations are under-utilizing data and need a realistic solution that’s effective and affordable right now, not perfect later.

Customers want to scale these things. They want to move rapidly and not let perfect be the enemy of good. But you need high quality components.

Nick Dedekian, Industry Corps Founder & CEO

Their answer is a literal plug-and-play IoT solution in a box: the ICPM, or Industry Corps Pulse Monitor. The ICPM encapsulates the Industry Corps motto to provide “leading-edge wireless sensor, data acquisition, analytical monitoring, and connected worker technology as fully integrated programs/solutions.” It’s ideal for monitoring machine status and sending notifications. Those notifications can take different forms, such as:

  • An SMS with an embedded link that takes the user right to a real-time control dashboard.
  • A corrective work order automatically generated in their customers’ maintenance software.
  • An emailed PDF report with daily, hour-by-hour charting.

It was during the process of vetting component manufacturers for the ICPM that Nick learned about ControlByWeb. A colleague of his, who had 10 years of experience with our devices, recommended ControlByWeb PLCs. Nick felt confident that the reliability of our controllers would meet his high standards. His team has faced design challenges through the years, but every time a controller is involved, ControlByWeb has “worked out great.”

Our devices are a perfect fit due to their flexibility, low latency, and reliability. That low latency plays a part in how Industry Corps achieved native <250ms latency and sub-second refresh rate (really, really fast data) with the ICPM.

“ControlByWeb does something really special.”

May 7, 2024

“ControlByWeb does something really special, and that’s low-latency, reliable control from anywhere.”

Nick Dedekian, Industry Corps Founder & CEO

Each ICPM is built to meet the unique I/O needs of the client. It all starts with a free consultation. Then the team behind the ICPM develops CAD drawings, determines inputs and other basic requirements, and builds custom dashboards if necessary. What ships is a purpose-built control box made using high-quality components (including ControlByWeb hardware!). All a facility manager needs to do is plug the ICPM into a power source and land sensor connections to pre-labeled terminals. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

When developing the ICPM, Nick’s goal was to create a “lightweight, rapidly deployable” solution that contains quality components. “You want to get it out there, but you also don’t want Amazon sensors that don’t meet the requirements—or any components that won’t stand the test of time.” While the ICPM is technically not a one-size-fits-all approach—it has near-infinite potential for modification—that hasn’t hindered the goal of delivering a solid solution, quickly.

Application Spotlight: Asphalt

An asphalt plant doesn’t usually operate 24/7, but the asphalt oil itself needs to be kept at a high temperature at all times. It’s critical that heaters stay on. If they fail overnight, then the crew is stuck waiting for hours before it heats up, costing the company precious time. Unfortunately, these heaters are not known for their reliability. It’s not uncommon for them to go into alarm in the middle of the night. A reset usually fixes the problem.

The ICPM is a great solution for monitoring these asphalt heaters, rebooting them as necessary, and alerting key operators. It’s nice peace of mind and ensures that crews always hit the ground running the next morning.

An ICPM installed in the field. Control box is closed with warning stickers and the Industry Corps logo.
The ICPM helps manufacturers implement Industry 4.0 initiatives to improve machine reliability and uptime.
An ICPM installed in the field. Control box is closed with warning stickers and the Industry Corps logo.
The ICPM helps manufacturers implement Industry 4.0 initiatives to improve machine reliability and uptime.

Industry Corps primarily partners with industrial manufacturers that want to bridge the gap between machine data and software. They also work with just about any facility manager that wants actionable data. There’s a clear need for their services. According to a 2020 study by The MPI Group1, the top three challenges presented by Industry 4.0 listed by manufacturers are:

  1. Identifying the opportunities and benefits of Industry 4.0
  2. Incorporating smart devices and embedded intelligence
  3. Adapting existing technologies

In the same study, nearly all manufacturers who had implemented Industry 4.0 initiatives noted improved machine reliability and uptime. 91% planned to increase their investments in digitization within the next two years. Working with qualified integrators like Industry Corps allows organizations to get around the main roadblocks and, as the data makes clear, enjoy immediate benefits.

So many advertisements featuring ‘IIoT’ or ‘Industry 4.0’ monikers portray images of futuristic, ultra-high-tech factories (which always seem to feature holograms and apparently cyborg workers). This fiction bears little resemblance to today’s reality, where only 16% of manufacturing firms have reported making ANY substantial progress on Industry 4.0 initiatives.” – Industry Corps Website

Industry Corps helps manufacturers realize the full potential of their data through effective technology that minimizes the complexity, cost, and time investment required. They specialize in data pipelines and novel integrations between key systems. And, as mentioned, they offer free consultations. You can reach out to them here:

  • Low-latent and reliable. Nick’s team was impressed at how quickly our controllers reacted to test inputs done remotely.
  • Flexible for every application. The ICPM has straightforward interfacing and works with common protocols like Modbus and Ethernet IP. ControlByWeb devices are a great complement, matching that flexibility.
  • It just works. Industry Corps offers a balance of customization and fast solutions, and our devices fit seamlessly into that model.
  • Standalone or integrated. Our controllers feature a built-in interface and no-code task builder to create logic, but they also integrate into other systems without a hitch.


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