Security System Monitoring & Control

I/O controllers for commercial security applications such as building access control, IP camera rebooting, gate access control, scheduling automatic door locks, and more.

I/O Solutions for Enhanced Commercial Security Systems

Add advanced task control, alarm functionality, monitoring, and redundancy to your security system with ControlByWeb smart relays. Our devices offer intuitive networking and flexible communication for easy integration. Use the on-board logic or integrate into an existing system and discover nearly unlimited ways to enhance your commercial security application, including door lock scheduling, lighting control, camera rebooting, gate control, and more.

Security Features Spotlight

Integrators and business owners have found our remote relay control especially useful in security applications. Our peer-to-peer communication makes it possible to open or close a relay based on input from either your device, or from a second I/O controller.

  • Peer-to-Peer Communication. Control your system from anywhere through a web browser or another I/O device.
  • Data Logging. Add conditional logic directly through your ControlByWeb device for peace of mind even during downtime.
  • Alarms and notifications. Our controllers can remotely monitor sensors and send email and text alerts on local events, or control local alarms such as sirens or lights.
  • Remote Access. Whether via our cloud solution or through networking, ControlByWeb devices are fully remote-capable.

Reliability You Can Trust

“They are well designed, the quality of the product is everything it should be, and they solve problems that other products cannot.”

Frank Kiernan

“It’s very professional on all levels from support through to build quality. I have been using CBW hardware for nearly 15 years and I have never been disappoined.”

David Johnstone

“A built in web sever, data via XML, SNMP, and email services. I can take any field data and access it with backend IT systems in a hot minute!”

Dan Faille

“Reliability and versatility. In the 6 or 7 years I’ve been installing the relays there has never been a failure so I feel they are bulletproof. The list of applications is extensive.”

Nicholas Tcherniavsky

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