X-410 and X-401 WiFi Announcement

ControlByWeb® Adds WiFi to PLCs

ControlByWeb® programmable logic controllers (PLCs) offer the flexibility you need to capture data at the edge. That capability expands even further with the addition of WiFi-enabled PLCs. Our popular X-410™ and X-401™ controllers now have WiFi options available, and more modules will be added in the future.

Our PLCs have been the go-to option for many systems integrators for nearly 20 years. Devices are intuitive to set up and use, and features like Power over Ethernet (PoE), cloud access, and cellular service allow them to be installed in challenging areas. WiFi is another technology that unlocks I/O capability where it wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

Here are some benefits of using WiFi in an IIoT application:

  • Flexibility: WiFi-enabled PLCs are often used when a hardwired Ethernet connection isn’t feasible. It may be impossible to pull or install wire in an existing structure, for example.
  • Cost: With WiFi, integrators can avoid the expense of burying a line, channeling Ethernet cables, and installing other physical components.
  • Ease of Installation: Our WiFi-enabled PLCs can be assigned network credentials through the built-in interface. Then, all the module needs is power and you’re ready to go.

WiFi does have potential downsides, such as the risk of network interference, signal loss, and concerns surrounding security. Contact our team and we can work through your application together to determine the best solution.

WiFi-Capable ControlByWeb PLCs

X-410 - 4 input and 4 relay programmable controller

X-410™ (Model X-410W)

X-401 - 2 relay and 2 input programmable controller

X-401™ (Model X-401W)

Note that only the model numbers listed include WiFi. To view all ControlByWeb PLCs with WiFi, visit the products page and filter by networking capability. More modules will be added in the future—subscribe to the ControlByWeb newsletter and follow us on social media to learn more about WiFi PLCs and other company updates.

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Opting for a WiFi-enabled PLC can significantly enhance the flexibility and range of your I/O. It also has the potential to save time and money. For help with your industrial application, get in touch with our team or schedule a 15-minute demo to get a feel for our devices.

Tailor-Made Solutions
At ControlByWeb, we’re happy to work with you to develop custom I/O solutions. If you need a particular setting enabled by default, white labelling, or other personalized solution, please contact us.

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