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Establishing Communications – Manual Method

This video explains how to establish communications with the X-600M using the manual method, by assigning a temporary IP address to a configuration computer.

Video Transcript:

To access the X-600M’s setup pages using its built-in web server, it must be addressed on the same network as a configuration computer. The method we will be using in this video is the manual method. Instead of using DHCP to communicate with the X-600M, you can temporarily assign an IP address to a computer so that they are on the same network. In this video, we’re going to walk you through the steps on how to do this using Windows-8; however, the overall concept should be the same regardless of which operating system you are using.

First, we will apply power to the X-600M, and wait 15 seconds for it to become operational. This wait time will prevent it from retrieving an IP address using DHCP. After 15 seconds, we will then connect an Ethernet cable to your computer or your network. To avoid potential IP addressing conflicts, we recommend that you initially connect the X-600M directly to your computer or an Ethernet switch with no other devices connected. Once the IP address on the X-600M is set where you want it, you can move it to the network where it will be permanently installed.

On your computer, open the Windows 8 start screen and type “Control Panel” and press Enter. Select View Network Status and Tasks and then select Change adapter settings. Your machine may have more than one Internet connection shown. Right-click on the adapter for your internet connection. A drop-down box will appear. Choose Properties to view or edit the settings for your connection. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPV4) and then click Properties. Select Use the following IP address. If this is already selected, the computer has been setup with a static IP address. Make sure to record those values somewhere so that the current IP address of the computer can be restored once the IP address of the X-600M has been successfully changed. By default, the X-600M has an IP address of, so you need to assign the computer to have an IP address that is on the same network. For this example, we will type in the IP address Type in the subnet mask of There is no need to change the default gateway field. Click OK to accept the new settings. To access the setup pages, open up a web browser and type the X-600M’s default IP address of followed by /setup.html. A pop-up window will appear. Enter the default username, which is admin, and the default password, webrelay all lower-case.

Once in the setup pages, click on the Network menu tab on the left-hand side of the screen and change the IP address to an available address on your network. If you are setting up multiple X-600M devices, be sure to plug them in one at a time and assign an unique IP address to each device.

Once you have established communications with the X-600M and logged onto its setup page, you are ready to start setting it up for your specific application.

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