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Establishing Communications – Automatic Method

This video explains how to establish communications with the X-600M using DHCP and NetBIOS as well as how to log into the setup pages.

Video Transcript

To access the X-600M’s setup pages using its built-in web server, it must be addressed on the same network as a configuration computer. First, we will be using the automatic method using DHCP and NetBIOS which are supported by most networks. If you are not sure if these are available, we recommend trying this method first, and if it doesn’t work then refer to the manual method covered in the next video. Also, if you are using a router that doesn’t support DHCP or if are using a direct connection between the X-600M and your computer, you will need to use the manual method.

Make sure that the X-600M is not powered and then connect it to your local network using an Ethernet Cable. After the network is connected, apply power. Wait about 15 seconds and then open up a web browser, and enter: http://x600.local/setup.html into the address bar and press enter. This will only work if the X-600M and the computer are on the same local network. A pop-up window will appear. Enter the default username, which is admin and the default password, webrelay (all lower case).

Once in the setup pages, click Network, Advanced Network, NetBIOS / mDNS and change the Local Host Name from x600 to another name. For this example, we’ll change it to x600m. Press Submit and click Commit Changes. You can now log onto the device using the new name. If you are setting up multiple X-600M devices, you will need to change the Local Host Name for each device. You will also want to avoid having multiple products with the same factory default IP address on the network at the same time. If setting up multiple ControlByWeb products, be sure to clear the arp cache after disconnecting each unit. Information on how to clear the arp cache is available on the web or in the X-600M users manual.

Once you have logged into the X-600M’s setup page, you are ready to start configuring it for your specific applications.

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