X-600M Wiring & Installation

This X-600M video shows how to mount the X-600M to a DIN-Rail, how to wire it to a power supply, connect it to expansion modules, and connect it to your network.

Video Transcript:

The X-600M either mount to a DIN-Rail, or it can be wall-mounted. To attach the X-600M to a DIN-Rail, place its back, top hook onto the DIN-Rail and then snap the bottom hook into place. To remove the X-600M from the DIN-Rail, use a flat-head screwdriver and insert it into the notch at the bottom of the X-600M and pry against the enclosure to release the bottom hook.

To power the X-600M, first remove the terminal connector and connect a regulated power supply to the Vin+ and Vin- terminals. We recommend using a 24V power supply for most applications. When wiring, make sure that the wires are properly inserted into to the terminals and that the screws are tight. After that is done, reconnect the terminal connector and apply power.

The expansion modules draw their power from the X-600M through the expansion cable. To connect an expansion module, simply plug the expansion cable into the X-600M’s expansion port, and then plug in the remaining connectors to the expansion modules. The expansion bus can provide up to 1.7 Amps for powering expansion modules; however, the maximum number of expansion modules you can use with an X-600M depends on the type of expansion module and the power supply you are using. Both the voltage of the power supply and the current output from the power supply effect the number of modules that can be connected, so please be sure you understand how this works before connecting more than a few modules.

To connect the X-600M to the network, connect its Ethernet port to an Ethernet hub, switch, or router using a standard Ethernet cable. It can also be temporarily connected, directly to a computer’s Ethernet port. You can also connect an X-600M to a wireless network by using a USB wireless adapter, or by connecting it to an Ethernet bridge or a wireless router, but whenever possible we recommend using a wired network. Once you have the X-600M connected to your network, you are ready to establish communications in order to start configuring it for your application.

For more information about power specifications of the X-600M and its expansion modules, please see their respective users manuals.

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