CBW Mobile 2

For iOS and Android (CBW Mobile)

CBW Mobile 2 is an iPhone app (Android app is called CBW Mobile found here) that integrates with ControlByWeb’s Ethernet I/O products. It allows you to control and access Ethernet-controlled relaysdigital inputsanalog inputstemperature and humidity sensors, and much more.

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Video Transcript

CBW Mobile 2 is our latest edition mobile app for viewing and controlling ControlByWeb devices. It’s great for monitoring and control in applications such as security, gate control, building automation, temperature control, liquid level monitoring, and more. The new app adds improved stability, security, easier device pairing, and compatibility with the ControlByWeb Cloud.

You can connect the mobile app with any ControlByWeb device. Today, we’ll connect to some of our devices on the ControlByWeb Cloud. The cloud is optional, but makes pairing with your devices easier. You can also connect to your devices simply by specifying the device IP address and port. You can even manually add devices by adding a device name, IP address, port, serial number, and login credentials. These can all be done wherever you are as long as you’re connected to the Internet and your device is set up for remote access. If not, you’ll need to be on the same network as your device in order to connect.

Open the app to get started. You’ll notice the app is blank because we haven’t added any devices. Since these devices are on the ControlByWeb Cloud, the easiest way to get started is to sign into our cloud account from within the app.

Tap the menu icon in the top left corner of your screen, then tap the middle menu item titled Setup. Tap the Cloud Account menu item and enter your cloud username and password.

Tap the menu icon, then Setup, and then the Devices menu item. Tap the plus symbol in the top right corner of your screen. You’ll see a few options for adding devices. You can:

  • Manually add a device
  • Use the device IP address and port
  • Search the local network
  • Search your cloud account
  • or Use the Search All to search either a cloud account or your local network

We recommend automatically detecting devices first. Since ours is on our cloud account, we’ll tap Cloud Search. If you need to troubleshoot, then go ahead and try the IP address or manual add options.

Your devices will appear in a list. Select the devices you want to add to your app and click the plus symbol near the bottom of the screen.

To view and control your devices, you need to create a control panel. Tap the menu in the top left corner of your screen, then Setup, then Edit Control Panels. Give your panel a name and tap the Add Component link. Select the devices you want and you’ll see all the I/O that you can add to your control panel.

You can add the I/O to your panel one at a time. However, it’s usually easier to add all the I/O now and to remove the ones you don’t want in just a moment. Tap Add All.

All of your I/O has now been added. If you want to remove any, simply tap the red minus icon at the top left of each item.

You can also add more control panels by tapping the panel add icon in the top right of your screen. Panels are a great way to organize your devices.

You can now view your device data and control your relays on your newly created panels. Tap the menu icon in the top left of your screen and then tap the Control Panels menu item. Sensor and input states can be viewed and relays can be turned on and off. Relays can be used to remotely open and close doors, valves, and gates or remotely turn on and off lights, cameras, pumps, motors and more.

We hope this quick introduction to using the CBW Mobile 2 app has been helpful. If you have any questions, you can visit us at www.controlbyweb.com, call us at 435-750-5999 extension 3, or email [email protected].

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