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Smart Greenhouse Automation System

Commercial greenhouses and their control systems are an important part of the horticulture industry with nearly 14 million acres globally under a greenhouse covering and over 1 million acres under permanent greenhouse structures. As demand for food, house plants, and even cannabis increases, smart greenhouse automation is quickly becoming the gold standard.

Commercial growers build smart greenhouse automation systems to improve their quality and production. In order to effectively automate a greenhouse you need reliable monitoring and control that scales from small semi-permanent greenhouses to large permanent structures spanning many acres.


  • Monitor temp/humidity, and soil moisture sensors
  • Control fans, vents, heaters, soil moisture, etc.
  • Local & remote, real-time monitoring
  • Log sensor data
  • Email/text notifications
  • And much more…

Greenhouse Automation Example

How to use ControlByWeb for greenhouse automation such as temperature and humidity monitoring, ventilation system control, and grow light control

Greenhouse Automation Products

  • X-410 with WiFi and POE Icons

    X-410™ | Edge Programmable Controller

    Simplify any industrial application with the X-410™—no code necessary. Automation is easy with its web-based interface, intuitive drop-down menus, and logic editor. Integrate different devices, sensors, and protocols to create a cohesive system that responds intelligently to changing conditions. Control lights, sensors, and more with built-in I/O and expandable modules.

    4 Relays

    4 Digital Inputs

    Up to 16 Temp Sensors

    WiFi is Now Available. Note that X-410W models include WiFi capability which allows for more flexibility and cost savings for your application.

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  • X-405 with POE Icon

    X-405™ | Temp and Humidity Module

    The X-405™ is a drop-in temperature and humidity monitoring solution that can monitor and log up to 16 sensors, passing data to any 3rd party software, server, or cloud. Data logging is configurable and a daily log file can be emailed.

    Up to 16 temp sensors

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  • X-420 with POE Icon

    X-420™ | Instrumentation-Grade Data Acquisition

    The X-420™ features software-programmable digital I/O that can be assigned as an input or an output.

    4 Analog Inputs

    2 Digital I/O

    Up to 16 Temperature Sensors

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  • Temperature and humidity probe

    Temperature/Humidity Sensor (Probe)

    The X-DTHS-P is a new temperature and humidity sensor probe which is used in conjunction with many of the 400-Series, X-600M, and WebRelay-Wireless products. Temperature and humidity are accurately measured, digitized, and sent to the ControlByWeb module over a serial 1-Wire Bus.

    Temperature Range: -40°C to 80°C (-40°F to 180°F)

    Temperature Accuracy: ±0.4°C (typ 0°C to 80°C)

    Lead Length: 10ft (3.04m)

    Type: Digital 1-Wire (Maxim Semiconductor DS18B20)

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Scalable Monitoring & Control

Industrial control systems are prohibitively expensive for small operators, while smaller solutions lack advanced capability.

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Data Hosting

Cloud-based solutions require recurring data hosting fees which cut into profits, diminishing the benefits of installing a smart greenhouse in the first place.

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Affordable Flexibility

It’s easier to find a solution for one or a few monitoring challenges, but identifying a complete system that is both reliable and affordable is difficult.

ControlByWeb™ Solutions

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Scale Effortlessly

Our sensors and I/O devices work as a stand alone device, complete control system, or simply as part of a more advanced industrial control system.

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Cloud Optional

Our monitoring and control devices work independently of a cloud so no additional fees are required. Integration with a cloud is optional.

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Monitor & Control Anything

Our expandable I/O can monitor any sensor and control motors, lights, fans, vents, valves, pumps, and more. Mix and match while keeping costs low.


Case Study: Costa Farms

Costa Farms Logo

Costa Farms is a multi-national supplier of house plants that grows $600 million worth each year. Their smart greenhouses represent some of the most advanced automation at scale in the horticulture world. They use ControlByWeb’s I/O products to monitor sensors gathering data on such things as temperature, humidity, light, soil moisture, salinity, and more. Our devices control a variety of greenhouse equipment such as fans, vents, motors, pumps, and valves.

Control Growth Speed and Plant Quality

Their control system, partially powered by ControlByWeb, needs to be precise, reliable, and scalable. We help Costa Farms control growth speed and plant quality in a cost effective way.

Automation Based on Weather

In addition to environmental control, Costa Farms is using ControlByWeb modules to monitor outside weather and sunlight to affect how the greenhouse reacts to external factors. High winds will close vents, sunnier conditions will reduce lighting and, in conjunction with temperature, can activate automated shade cloth covers. Our controllers even help with employee safety by monitoring lightning detectors and sounding alarms. Costa Farms has a wide variety of I/O needs and looks to ControlByWeb and our inherent flexibility to solve them.

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