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Temperature Monitoring in Professional Sporting Arenas

Temperature monitoring is an important function in a broad range of industries from Food and Beverage to Telecom. That’s exactly why many professional sporting arenas have turned to ControlByWeb for more than a decade. We help them with remote and local monitoring of both walk-in coolers and server rooms.

Some professional sports, like the NFL, have been able to keep schedules mostly on track by limiting or eliminating live attendees. NASCAR, for example, will have its championship race on-time, coming to the Phoenix Raceway on Sunday, Nov. 8. We feel proud to be a critical part of sporting infrastructure that helps stadiums operate smoothly so they can focus on what they do best.

There are three primary ways stadiums use our temperature sensors and modules:

Professional sporting arenas see millions of fans each year. To support food and beverage sales, stadiums have a lot of refrigerators and freezers, each monitored by our devices.

One customer, a major racing stadium, has 60 large walk-in coolers that serve over 100,000 fans at large events. All 60 are monitored to ensure the walk-ins do their job and protect the health and safety of every fan. Our monitors are installed in walk-in freezers and refrigerators at professional speedways throughout the US.

A stadium is many things: field, offices, racetrack, restaurant, and even data center. A lot of equipment needs to work properly to make the experience what it is today. Large stadiums have a server room to help monitor equipment, support communications, and generally support operations.

These server rooms must maintain a cool temperature below 80° F to prevent the servers from overheating and shutting down. Stadiums install our devices as data acquisition modules monitoring a bank of temperature sensors throughout a server room. Because our devices communicate using SNMP, technicians can pull the raw data directly into their network monitoring software.

Providing a network for communications at large stadiums is mission-critical. They do this through Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) installed in a separate building, or compound. The DAS gives a stadium its telephone and network connection to the outside world.

Like a server room, these compounds need to be carefully monitored. All networking equipment is temperature-sensitive. Overheating is a big risk to network uptime. Our devices are used in each DAS compound to monitor temperature throughout the building. The data is gathered for the network monitoring software via SNMP.

As a trusted data acquisition and intelligent I/O provider for professional sporting event stadiums, our products get used in a lot of interesting ways. Our modules are used for data acquisition and control in these common applications:

  • Temperature monitoring
  • Lighting control
  • Flow monitoring
  • Flood monitoring
  • Security monitoring
  • Server and IP camera rebooting
  • Pump control
  • Tank level monitoring
  • Gate control
  • Door locking

Our inherent flexibility makes us an ideal choice for a variety of applications.

Professional stadiums have been regular customers for over a decade. We focus on reliable, industrial-grade equipment, competitive pricing, and truly helpful US-based support. As a result, our stadium customers have found in us a trusted partner to help their operations run smoothly.

Let us know how we can offer the same to you: a trustworthy partner ready to provide support. We are Ethernet I/O experts and have helped customers with a very broad range of application needs.

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