Smart irrigation automation and control with IoT

Smart Irrigation Automation

Smart irrigation automation creates the ability to remotely monitor and control automatic irrigation systems. Our products are perfect for using in an automatic irrigation system. Irrigation in agriculture accounts for roughly 80% of water consumption within the United States. Manual irrigation is labor intensive, time consuming and often wasteful. Meanwhile, persistent drought throughout the West forces farmers to follow careful water metering. Automated irrigation systems are a proven choice for efficient water usage.

However, automated irrigation can be expensive and complex. Many farmers can’t operate or scale a large system on their own and some can’t afford to fully transition to automation. Finding an in-budget solution with the necessary capabilities can be a challenge, but luckily there’s one answer to the issues farmers face today.

You can seamlessly automate and scale an irrigation system on a farm or ranch with ControlByWeb devices to ensure you don’t waste your most valuable resource. If a crop is over or underwatered, farmers are wasting time and money. Our in-house tech support and detailed documentation make irrigation scheduling, water level monitoring and water use management easy.

The Simple Solution

  • Tank level monitoring
  • Control valves and pumps
  • Log water usage
  • Flow
  • Built-in flow rate calculations
  • Water Pressure
  • And much more…

Common Irrigation Problems

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Equipment Can Be Expensive

Automated irrigation equipment is expensive and complex. Changes require hiring a technician.

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Difficult to Scale

Irrigation systems are difficult to scale over time. Managing new and old devices is complicated.

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Water Use Costs

Drought area requires careful water use management and data logging to avoid additional costs.

ControlByWeb™ Solutions

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Inexpensive and Easy to Use

Inexpensive, easy-to-use control modules come with full documentation and helpful technical support.

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Scalable I/O devices work together seamlessly through peer-to-peer communication and cross-compatibility.

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Reduce Waste and Fees

Easily monitor and log water use to prevent waste, inefficient irrigation and fines.


Case Study: California Avacado Orchard

Drip Irrigation Orchard

Greg Julius manages a 44-acre plot of land in Camarillo, California for St. John’s Seminary that features an avocado and lemon tree ranch. He was fed up with the steep costs, lack luster tech support, and difficult-to-use equipment of his previous system. He wanted a simpler irrigation solution. Countless hours were spent managing his automation system, which required calling in a technician for seemingly minor issues. When searching for a better solution he came across ControlByWeb, and according to Greg, we are “everything that he had ever dreamt of”.

Using ControlByWeb’s 400 Series to monitor and automate irrigation keeps watering on a tight schedule and easily logs the amount of water being used. These automated controllers allow for quick, simple and efficient irrigation management that leads to higher profits and better results. Switching to ControlByWeb meant Greg was able to make the transition to a more effective solution on his own.

Greg’s irrigation system is automated by the following ControlByWeb products:

  • X-400 – Modular I/O controller
  • X-401 – Dual relay and digital input module
  • X-420 – 4 Analog-to-Digital inputs, 2 digital I/O, up to 16 1-wire sensors
  • X-17 – A 4 Relay, 4 input expansion module
  • X-22 – An 8 Analog input expansion module

An X-400 with connected expansion modules creates a wide variety of automation options and makes remote monitoring easy. These units are currently being run through an ethernet connection, but he hopes to move to cellular in the near future. Changing to cellular will make data acquisition even easier.

The switch to ControlByWeb prevents the many long and complicated calls to a technical support engineer. Over time, Greg has learned how to use and tweak his new automation software to fit his specific needs. These changes have led to:

  • Less time spent calling technical support
  • More time to improve his ranch
  • Higher yield

When he needs support from time to time, the ControlByWeb tech support team is there to help. Greg speaks highly of ControlByWeb and our in-house tech support team. He told us, “If not for CBW technical support, I wouldn’t be where I’m at. They’ve been very patient with helping me get through this”. We take pride in our knowledgeable support team.

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