Three boilers in a boiler room

Remote Boiler Monitoring System


ControlByWeb® products can help you with your boiler monitoring system and avoid potential, costly damage. Remotely monitor temperature, pressure, and water leaks for industrial/commercial boilers.

Connect any ControlByWeb temperature monitoring device to a local area network to access the built-in control and setup web pages using a standard web browser. No additional software or cloud services are needed.

Boiler Monitoring Example

In this example, an X-420™ is connected to three sensors to monitor the pressure and temperature of an industrial boiler, as well as to detect water leaks.


  • Email Notifications
  • Logging & Graphing
  • Built-In Web Server (For Local & Remote Access)
  • Monitor Sensors Such as:
    • Temperature Sensors
    • Pressure Sensors
    • Water Leak Sensors
    • Carbon Monoxide Sensors
    • AC Current Sensors

Boiler Pressure Monitoring

Monitor boiler pressure with a compatible pressure sensor installed in a boiler and connect it to an analog input on a ControlByWeb device to watch for pressure spikes or drops.

Boiler Temperature Monitoring

Connect a digital temperature sensor via 1-Wire Bus to monitor boiler supply and return line temperature. Monitor and graph temperature data over time on the ControlByWeb device. For high-temperature monitoring we recommend using an isolated thermocouple with a thermocouple to 1-Wire adapter.

Water Leak Detection

Place a water sensor near your boiler and attach it to a digital input on a ControlByWeb module to detect water leaks.

Custom Email/Text Alerts

Set email alerts based on custom high/low thresholds for temperature, pressure, and water leak sensors.

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