Large green generator in a basement

Generator Monitoring System & Generator Remote Start

Generator Remote Start and Generator Monitoring

Control and monitor an industrial generator with ControlByWeb modules – Monitor transfer switch, line power status, generator power status, battery voltage, door sensor, frequency. In addition, monitor generator’s engine block, coolant, and ambient temperatures. Remotely start and stop generator and schedule exercise times.

The X-420 can be used to measure actual values (rather than just on/off status) such as line voltage, generator output voltage, generator frequency, fuel tank level, and more.

Access Anywhere in the World

All of these parameters can be remotely controlled and monitored using a standard web browser, computer, or smartphone.

 Email/Text Notifications

You can also configure email/text notifications to be sent for high/low alarms based on any I/O status.


  • Remote Start/Stop
  • Schedule on/off/exercise times
  • Monitor:
    • Transfer Status
    • Line Power Status
    • Output Current
    • Generator Run Status
    • Battery Voltage
    • Frequency
    • Fuel level
    • Coolant, Engine, and Air Temperatures
    • Door Sensor
  • Email/Text Alerts
  • Logging
  • and more…

 Generator Remote Start & Monitoring

In the example below, we have many devices being monitored and controlled by the X-420. The analog inputs are monitoring battery voltage, generator run status (on/off), generator current, and transfer switch state (on/off). A “Run Status” output signal from the generator is connected to an analog input of the X-420 that can act as a pseudo digital input.

One of the digital I/O of the X-420 is connected to a solid-state relay which is connected to the generator’s start switch for remote generator start/stop. The other digital I/O is monitoring a door and configured to send an text alert if anyone enters the building which houses the generator.

Two temperature sensors are connected to the engine coolant and ambient air for remote monitoring.

Below is a list of what is being monitored/controlled, along with how it’s connected to the X-420:

Battery VoltageVoltage Attenuator0-20VAnalog Input
Run StatusDry Contact switch in generatorOn/OffAnalog Input
Generator CurrentAC Current Transducer0-100A = 0-10VAnalog Input
Transfer Switch StateDry contact switch in transfer switchOn/OffAnalog Input
Remote StartSwitch Input (24VAC)On/OffI/O 1
Door SwitchMagnetic Reed SwitchOpen/ClosedI/O 2
Line FrequencyAC Transformer60HzFrequency
Air TemperatureDigital Temperature Sensor Installed in Thermowell-67°F-257°F (-55°C-125°C)1-Wire Bus
Coolant TemperatureDigital Temperature Sensor-67°F-257°F (-55°C-125°C)1-Wire Bus
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