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Many people unlock their phones, laptops, and other smart devices without much thought. In a fraction of a second, a face scan or registered fingerprint securely confirms their identity and grants them access to their device.

For personal use, consenting to biometric data collection offers the convenience of skipping a PIN or password. But concerns around biometric privacy are being brought up relating to business and government practices. Biometric-specific legislation either exists or has been proposed in over half of U.S. states. It’s imperative that organizations navigate these regulations and laws carefully, respecting the privacy of the individuals who use their services—or are passively being monitored.

Yurii Yefimenko, the founder and CEO of FRP Technology, works with large retail chains as they navigate the use of biometric data. Yurii’s a techie with an interest in IT and telecommunications. He’s familiar with the legal landscape of biometric data and has developed a compliant biometrics access control solution using ControlByWeb® WebRelay™ devices.

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“While testing several well-known PLC manufacturers, we’ve selected WebRelay as a vital component for the ACS solution because it fits perfectly into the frp®acs access control architecture and seamlessly integrates with our cloud and edge solutions. The WebRelay-based access control solution is fast, stable, multi-purpose, and scalable, which is crucial for our customers.”

Yurii Yefimenko, FRP Technology Founder & CEO


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Poor Customer Experience

From the purchase experience to his use of their products, Yurii felt like just another number as he worked with the previous manufacturer.

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Outdated Technology

Yurii was surprised to learn that his purchased devices did not use the best or most current components.

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Lack of Support

Frustration grew as the people Yurii spoke with demonstrated a lack of knowledge around their own products.

ControlByWeb™ Solutions

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A Helping Hand at Every Step

Our support staff and sales team are eager to help. Schedule a short demo to quickly clear up any questions before you buy.

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Future-Forward Devices

ControlByWeb produces industrial-grade I/O monitoring and control devices that integrate with modern systems at the edge.

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Dedicated, Knowledgeable Staff

Our experienced staff deeply understands both products and applications to help with implementation and troubleshooting.


Case Study: FRP Technology

Yurii was approached by a major fitness center brand to develop a solution that would unlock perks for its premium members using biometric data. The solution also needed to be in compliance with recent BIPA, CPRA, and GDPR regulations. This led to the development of a biometrics system that utilizes the ControlByWeb WebRelay.

A smartphone running the frp®atx app operates as the primary controller, functioning as a self-service kiosk for different events and memberships. Another smartphone is placed at the entry of each assigned area and acts as the worker, using facial recognition to grant access. Once a user is authenticated, the worker smartphone unlocks a door via the WebRelay.

Once in place, the system works like this:

  1. During each visit, a member has their identity confirmed by an employee at the reception area and has their face scanned through a self-service kiosk. This creates a unique, encrypted hash.
  2. The receptionist validates their membership and sends the hash data to the worker device.
  3. The member scans their face at each worker device where access is restricted and an open command is sent to the WebRelay.
  4. The member’s hash data is stored during this single session and is then deleted.
  5. The next time the member visits, they rescan at the reception area and the process is repeated.

While ControlByWeb products can be set up and controlled through our intuitive onboard logic, some users opt instead to use their own software or platform. Our devices easily integrate with software or API through HTTP GET. Existing equipment can poll data from and send commands to ControlByWeb devices, allowing all data to live in one place.

This allows customers to save money on the R&D of a web-enabled relay controller. You can interface with our device using any platform or server that uses HTTP or web commands.

Building automation is a huge global market projected to reach US $17.7B by 20311; the applications are endless. In a gym setting, for example, IIoT technology could provide premium members access to exclusive equipment, lockers, classes, or areas of the facility. Automating this process saves time for both employees and members and offers peace of mind that equipment and services are being used by authorized subscribers.

Finding the Right Fit

At the start of the project, Yurii turned to a large manufacturer for his IIoT device needs. He was disappointed when he couldn’t get the support he needed and felt like he was simply another number in a big, bureaucratic machine. Their support people were difficult to contact and didn’t know enough to help Yurii with his application of their products. Discovering their tech was outdated was the last straw that sent Yurii looking for another supplier.

When Yurii discovered ControlByWeb, he was delighted to work with a responsive and knowledgeable tech support team that cared to understand his application. He found the USA-made hardware to be high-quality, using modern communication protocols. It was easy to implement in his system.

“[Working with ControlByWeb] was a great experience due to prompt and super-professional feedback from their support team.” – Yurii

FRP Technology is using the WebRelay in an intuitive way, integrating the device seamlessly in their own custom software. We love learning how customers use ControlByWeb products—share your application with us and you could be featured in a future article!

Enhanced Automation with WebRelay

Our tried-and-true WebRelay products have been a reliable staple for remote control and monitoring of critical processes. Our standard WebRelay device proved more than capable for FRP Technology, and the range may be just right for your application.

  • WebRelay™ – A single relay and input module, empowering seamless remote control and monitoring.
  • WebRelay-Quad™ – A remote relay control that delivers remote control capabilities to up to four relays.
  • WebRelay Wireless™ – A single relay and input module with support for up to four temperature sensors.
  • WebRelay-10 Plus™ – An industrial-grade controller that provides remote relay control through 10 large 15A relays.

With its robust features and user-friendly interface, WebRelay stands out as the best choice for simple relay control. It enables effortless management of industrial equipment, allowing operators to remotely monitor and control devices from anywhere, at any time. Whether it’s regulating temperature, activating pumps, or managing machinery, WebRelay streamlines the entire process, enhancing efficiency and reducing downtime.

For a seamless, cost-effective solution that optimizes industrial processes, look no further than ControlByWeb.


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