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Which Power Supply should I use?

Common questions about temperature sensor errors.

We offer products with several different power supply options:

Industrial products that have a part number that ends with an “-I”

These products require a DC power supply within the range of 9V to 28V. This means that if you install a ControlByWeb® device inside an industrial control cabinet with other products that use 24V DC, you can power it with the same 24V used to power other devices in the cabinet. If you install it in an environment where 12V batteries are used either for primary or backup power, you could connect the battery voltage directly to the ControlByWeb device.

If you just need to purchase a power supply from us you can use either the 12VDC power supply or the 24V DC DIN-Rail mount power supply that we offer on our web site. If you are just using the power supply to power our devices and nothing else it doesn’t matter which one you choose, but the 12V power supply that we offer just plugs into an AC outlet which makes it simple to install and the 24V DIN-Rail power supply mounts on the DIN rail which can make the installation look very clean. Note: For our X-600M we recommend using the 24V power supply.

Products that have a part number that ends with an “-E”

These products are designed to be powered through the Ethernet cable instead of an external power supply. In this case, the power comes from an Ethernet switch that is specifically designed to provide power to devices attached. The standard for this is called 802.3aF. Switches that are not specifically built for 802.3aF POE will not power our devices. Alternately you can use a power injector which is a device that sits between the Ethernet switch and the ControlByWeb device.

Modules that support POE are useful for applications where power is not available where the ControlByWeb device will be mounted. You can power our POE devices with a 5VDC power supply instead of POE, but if you don’t specifically need the POE option we recommend using the industrial (-I models).

  • Power Injector (for applications where a POE switch is not available)

NOTE: Do not use both POE and an external 5V to power the POE models unless specified otherwise.

Other products

We do have other products such as WebSwitch which connects directly to the AC power outlet and doesn’t require any additional power supply.

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