ControlByWeb Cloud Device Seat


The ControlByWeb Cloud provides easy access to your devices and data. We offer 2 cloud device seat plans for 30 and 90 days of logged data records. Access and monitor your devices at ControlByWeb.Cloud.

Easy Remote Access

Up to 90 days logged data

Cloud API

See Terms and Conditions for cloud plan details.

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Basic Device Seat

Convenient access with 30 days of logged data. Fully encrypted and secure with SSL connection. Control your data the easy way.

Price: $11.88/yr, (auto-renewed)

Advanced Device Seat

Ideal for quick, secure, near real-time data with 90 days of logged data. Download logged data at any time with the click of a button.

Price: $23.88/yr, (auto-renewed)

Single Password Authentication

Log in once to the ControlByWeb Cloud and access each connected device. View data logs, edit device settings, and organize your devices with a single secure sign on.

Easy Access

Remote monitoring and control is easier than ever now with the ControlByWeb cloud. Access all your connected devices at ControlByWeb.Cloud.

Competitive Prices

Our base cloud fees are very competitive, plus we don’t charge for each end point. Each connected ControlByWeb device includes all the connected I/O at no additional cost.

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