ControlByWeb's temperature modules provide an accurate way to remotely monitor temperatures over an IP network. Wi-Fi temperature sensors and Ethernet temperature sensors are both available depending on your project needs.

  • X-410 with WiFi and POE Icons

    X-410™ | Edge Programmable Controller

    Simplify any industrial application with the X-410™—no code necessary. Automation is easy with its web-based interface, intuitive drop-down menus, and logic editor. Integrate different devices, sensors, and protocols to create a cohesive system that responds intelligently to changing conditions. Control lights, sensors, and more with built-in I/O and expandable modules.

    4 Relays

    4 Digital Inputs

    Up to 16 Temp Sensors

    WiFi is Now Available. Note that X-410W models include WiFi capability which allows for more flexibility and cost savings for your application.

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  • X-400 and X-400C with Cell Icon

    X-400™ | Modular I/O Controller

    The X-400™ is a web-enabled controller that allows for up to 32 added expansion modules and/or remote I/O devices. Expansion modules are connected directly to the X-400 via ribbon cable, or remotely with other CBW devices via P2P—allowing for monitoring and control of up to 64 I/O.

    The X-400C offers wireless capability with a built-in, low-power LTE-M cellular radio. Cellular models with an annual data plan include a dual SIM that provides combined coverage through AT&T and T-Mobile, automatically switching between the two for the best coverage.

    Expandable, Up to 64 I/O

    Relays, Analog & Digital Inputs

    Up to 16 temp sensors

    Cellular version available

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  • X-600M Industrial I/O Web Controller

    X-600M™ | Web-Enabled I/O Controller

    The X-600M™ is one of the most capable and flexible ControlByWeb PLCs. Add up to 64 expansion modules and remotely monitor and control up to 1,024 I/O. Create custom logic through the X-600M interface and run your application through a built-in web server and web browser.
    • Expandable, Up to 1,024 I/O
    • Relays, Analog/Digital/Thermocouple Inputs
    • Up to 32 Temperature Sensors
    • GUI Dashboard

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  • Webswitch Plus advanced remote power switch with temperature monitoring

    WebSwitch Plus™ | Remote Power Switch

    The WebSwitch Plus™ is an IP-controlled remote power strip that’s compatible with any AC device. It features two independent power outlets that can be controlled over an IP network. The WebSwitch Plus can operate worldwide with 100-240V AC and 50/60Hz.
    • 2 Relay-Controlled Power Outlets (10A)
    • 2 Digital Inputs
    • Up to 16 Temperature Sensors

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Remote Temperature Monitoring Systems

ControlByWeb’s temperature modules provide an accurate way to remotely monitor temperatures over an IP network. Wi-Fi temperature sensors and Ethernet temperature sensors are both available depending on your project needs. The modules can be used for environmental temperature monitoring systems and simple control. Multiple temperature sensors can be connected and certain models also have relays that can be used for control.

Our temperature modules are fully configured in minutes using a web browser. There is no monthly subscription, and no additional software needed.

Our one-wire compatible controllers can be used with our sensors when looking for temperature and humidity control or a similar solution.

Setup Temperature Alert Emails

Configure the modules to send email messages when a preset temperature is reached.

FridgeAlert Freezer Monitoring Application Diagram
X-405 Boiler Temperature Example Diagram

Log Temperature Data

Log temperature data over time and send log files via email or FTP at preset intervals.

Control Relays Based on Temperature Sensor Data

The Temperature Modules provide remote temperature monitoring and remote relay control using a standard web browser. These relays can control devices such as alarm signals, heaters, fans, etc.

Send Temperature Data via API

ControlByWeb’s temperature monitoring modules can easily send sensor data to third-party software, control systems, or PLCs using XML or Modbus TCP/IP.

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